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APRIL 5, 2019

Vi's Story - Live on Easter Sunday 4/21/19
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Life as a Christian was tough, challenging and full of temptations. As a single mother and a battered spouse, it was not easy for me. My son Daniell at an early age had suffered heart and liver disease. I was also placed on removal proceedings (deportation) for five years. The road was painful and hard, but it was filled with overflowing grace.


God slowly worked in my character and dependence on Him. God sent people to encourage me to move forward and not to give up. And over and over every struggle and every weakness, and in every question, I found the answer in the character of God. Together, we walked hand in hand, one step at a time. He lightened my path and showed me the way.


My walk in faith has become a very important part of my Iife. I feel so overwhelmed by His mercy and greatness. God gave me a good education, a stable job, a good church, good relationships, good health, strength, wisdom, wonderful brothers and sister in Christ, a perfect ministry and a loving son. He gave me peace, joy, love, comfort and contentment. After 26 years of being a born again Christian, I am very excited to share with everyone my re-commitment to being a follower of Christ and living my life for the sole purpose of serving Him.


I have really felt God working on my heart and speaking to me in a new and deeper way. I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to grow deeper in my faith. My conviction to get re-baptize is an act of repentance and submission to His divine purpose. It is my personal re-affirmation of my obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.


APRIL 2, 2019


Jesus has always played a huge role in my life. Growing up, I lived in a single parent household, and it is safe to say, it was difficult growing up. My mother had to raise me all by herself and as a child I know I was a handful. I was a little disrespectful, I was not doing very well in school, and I would always be in trouble in school.


My mother not only had to raise me by herself, but she was also a working full time student to become a registered nurse.  As a child, I did not quite understand how hard her situation was but as I got older it made me realize everything she has done for me. Fortunately, my family members played a huge role in raising me. While my mother was working or busy studying, my grandmother would take care of me, help me with homework, provide food for me, and played with me.


APRIL 2, 2019


Personally, Jesus is my savior. He is basically there for me when I need it. He is my heavenly father, the most important person in my life. The word Jesus is enlightening, wonderful, marvelous, and incredibly amazing. When I hear the word Jesus I hear freedom and joy.


Bethel has helped me with many things. For example, how to get closer to God and to know his true word. It showed me the right and wrong things, and the miracles he made for a lot of people. I'm grateful to be a part of the band because it gave me freedom and the ability to pursue the ways of the lord.


In my spare time, I like to practice songs on my bass for the lord. As well as, painting and reading the Bible. I can't really go outside and hang out with friends. However, I'm fine at home to pray for most of my time. I'm 13 years old and happily praising the lord with all my heart. I'm glad to be a child of God.

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